Underground Productions is the resident student theatre society at the University of Queensland. Inheriting a legacy dating back to 1912, the company operates to develop exciting theatre productions to enrich the cultural life and landscape of UQ.


In recent years Underground has produced work of exceeding quality, giving our members opportunities beyond our humble student roots. Underground Productions continues to grow, to facilitate the ambitions of all our members, through the goal of creating a fun and inviting theatre environment where students can develop their skills and experience the gift of theatre.

Download our constitution here!



President - Sophie Jackson

Production Manager - Rose Gamble & Alex Kidman Jones

Secretary - Robert Hislop

Treasurer - Douglas Taylor

Marketing Manager - Elizabeth Elliott Haynes

Festivals and Development Officers - Bronagh McDermott & Mats Brokvam

Operations Manager - Ben Barruel

Posters & Graphic Design Rose Gamble

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